best human touch massage chair reviewMassage chairs are beginning to become a hit. The thought of getting a relaxing massage at the end of every day after working long hours is exciting to many. There are many types and brands of massage chairs in the market today. Massage chairs have not been very popular in the past. Many people are not aware of the various brands available in the market. Knowing the various brands and the features of their various massage chairs can help you get the best-suited massage chair for yourself. The massage chairs are always different and have different features.

Our aim is to ensure you get the best massage chair for the money you have. We want to ensure the massage chair you get can serve you best. This is a comprehensive guide on the top advanced massage chair brands. The guide will help you make comparisons between various top brand massage chairs and determine which one would work best for you. Getting the right massage chair will ensure your massage sessions and blissful and invigorating. Massage chairs are generally expensive. You do not want to gamble with them since you have to spend a lot of money on them.

Top advanced massage chair brands

The following are some of the top brands with some of the best massage chairs you can get in the market.


This is a US brand of massage chairs that is known for high-quality massage chairs and an incredible performance. The critical parts used in the manufacture of Luraco massage chairs are sourced from the US only, while the rest of the parts are obtained from Taiwan. The chairs are designed for therapeutic users. Leisure users can use them comfortably too. Luraco is a luxury brand, with some of the best massage chairs on the market.

Human Touch

The Human Touch is yet another luxury brand of massage chairs. The design and engineering are done in the US and Japan, while the assembly is done in Taiwan. Human Touch massage chairs are high quality and luxurious. They are particularly famed for their great aesthetics. The chairs have a striking design and very attractive aesthetics. They are great for both therapeutic and leisure use. Human Touch makes some of the most advanced massage chairs. They come with a large price tag. Everything nice has a high price. They are worth every single cent though.

US Jaclean (DAIWA)

Daiwa is yet another incredible brand of massage chairs. These two are high-quality, top of the range massage chairs. The brand is owned by the US Jaclean company. The design and engineering of Daiwa massage chairs are conducted in the US and Japan. All the critical parts are sourced in the US. The other non-critical parts are spruced in China, where the assembly happens. These chairs are designed for therapeutic use. Leisure users could use them too, but they are best suited for people with health conditions. You might want a stronger massage chair if you want to use it for leisure.

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