best human touch massage chairThe massage chairs are important machines that need to be maintained properly. To prevent incurring costs on repair and replacement it is always advisable to purchase the massage chairs that are durable and only from a reputable manufacturer.

To keep the massage chair in proper functional shape, one needs to learn the following simple maintenance tips.

When the massage chair does not start

  • For the wrong installation or any kind of damage, one needs to properly check the power cable and switch of the massage chair. An external appliance such as an iron box can be used to check whether the power outlet is intact. If the cable is damaged one need to repair or replace it immediately. The faulty switch should be replaced with a new similar one.
  • One should also ensure that all the parts of the massage chair are accurately connected before moving to the next step of identifying issues and its rectification.

Non-functional heat controls

  • The massage chair should be switched on and its heat mode should put on
  • On all sides of the backrest, one should check if the massage chair is providing the recommended level of warmth.
  • If there is the faulty distribution of warmth, one needs to contact the manufacturer or chair dealer for replacement purposes.

Improper massage techniques

  • The massage chair should be stopped immediately and reset if it suddenly stops working.
  • According to one’s position, the massage chair should work appropriately. The position of the massage chair should be adjusted accurately if its heads are not in a position of reaching other body parts.
  • The air pumps or base of the chair need to be replaced if the seat massage is not working or backrest is not functioning on either side.
  • When the air pumps of the massage chair make noise and are not inflating, it is advisable to check the air tubing connection. Any part found broken should be replaced immediately.
  • When the massage chair is switched on and one cannot hear the sound of the motor is an indication of a problem within the base of the chair. The pump may need to be replaced if the problem persists.
  • When the calf massage and foot are not working appropriately but the other parts are intact, the faulty parts need to be replaced.
  • When the actuator cannot be raised or lowered for massage, the foot and calf should be replaced. The base of the chair should also be replaced if the problem persists.
  • When the button is pressed and the LED does not lit, one need to replace it.

Non-functional remote

  • The connection of the power cable should be checked if the remote is not working. If the connection is intact and the remote is not working, one needs to repair or replace it.
  • Most of the remotes are fitted with LED lights and sometimes the lights only do not work. In such a scenario, one should contact the manufacturer or local dealer for replacement or repair. In case the features are not functioning, then there is a problem with the chair’s function and not the remote.

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