Meet Our Team


I’ve been a content writer for the past 3 years and in my work, I have grown an especially strong liking towards office chairs. I find pleasure in describing the inner workings of executive office chairs and their specifics.

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and when I’m not being consulted, I’m busy talking about chairs. Chairs are an integral part of every human life as we spend a substantial amount of our life on them. That’s why you need to find the best chairs out there to give you maximum comforts. Some diseases even emanate from chairs. Choosing a poor quality chair can land you into health complications. So make your chair purchases wisely.

I provide buying guides and specifics to look for in chairs when buying. I consult experts from the chair industry to come up with accurate content.

I am a basketball fan and you can find me on the weekends watching a match between Chicago Bulls and whichever team that’s waiting to get smashed.


A time-tested and groomed masseur, I know everything about massage chairs and find happiness in providing advice about them. I have been in this field for the past 5 years and I can attest that not all massage chairs offer exceptional comfort. Knowing this has given me the urge to provide information to help our readers make the right choices.

I write about the specifics of massage chairs and beds, their functionality and the best chairs for such functions. When I’m not writing about chairs, I’m watching movies or listening to music. Music provides a quantum of solace and I find mental comfort in listening to soft rock. I have one son and my wife who is also a masseur.


I am a mom of two and a holder of Bachelor’s degree in Finance. I was a chief accountant for a major company before joining the team. Joining this team has been the best thing I could ask for. I get to talk about something close to my heart.

My dad developed a spinal condition that was later discovered was as a result of bad sitting postures in his youth years. On further investigation, I discovered that the meat of the problem actually lied in the chairs he used in his office and other scopes of his life. To that end, I became interested in the ergonomics of chairs and did in-depth thorough research on the same. I then set on a mission to ensure this information gets out there to the masses to help them make the right decision.

In my work, I realized that most people settle for cheap chairs at the expense of quality. My content therefore scopes around the financial aspect of buying the right chairs and sensitize my readers against settling for cheap products at the expense of quality. As clich├ęd as this might be, cheap is always expensive.

Apart from content creation and crunching numbers, I love spending time with my two kids. I love taking them out and having fun together. I also love reading books from all types of topics.


I am one of those youthful millennials who love everything about technology. I have pursued a bachelor’s degree in IT and my knowledge of the technology world spans across different fields. I, however, find my love for industrial technology somewhat superior. I am interested in using technology to make factories and offices more comfortable for human lives. That’s why I joined the team.

My content spans around new trends in technology around the world of ergonomic chairs. I therefore take special attention with new trends around chairs and technology to keep my readers up to date. If you’re looking to shift that ’90s chair you still use, look for my content to make the right decision.

When I’m not involved with the binary language of computers, I am watching soccer or watching movies.

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