human touch massage chair zero gravityBefore using the massage chair, the following steps should be followed. They include the following: –

Massage chair adjustment

  • The backrest should be put in a limiting position. The leg-rest should be raised to the highest position and stretched out to the longest position using the controller. While doing so, one should ensure that there is enough space for the massage chair.
  • Each function should be tested after which the chair should be reset and the power supply turned off.

Before sitting down

  • One should make sure that the leg massager is properly connected to the main chair.
  • All the components should be back to their original position. If not the case, one should turn on the source of power and then reset the components.

The user’s preference

Based on the massage time needed and one’s physical conditions, one of the following automatic procedures can be chosen. They include the following:-

  • Extend –this one is suitable for the drivers and office workers
  • Recover– appropriate for doing it after work or one hour after supper
  • Relax-suited for morning or noon relaxation
  • Refresh- well appropriate for removing the sore pain at neck, back or waist

The method of movement

  • Some massage chairs have a caster that is fitted at their bottom that facilitates the movement of the chair.
  • The backrest should be raised at the highest level.
  • The power supply should then be turned off and the plug pulled out.
  • Finally, the front part of the massage chair should be raised to move the chair to a desirable area.

Turning on the power supply

  • The power supply should be plugged in a three-core power socket.
  • The power supply switch located beneath the backrest should be turned on.

Leg massager shelf’s installation

The leg connection wire plug is inserted to its jack

The coupling shaft port is aimed at the coupling shaft on the seat. Fasting is done using a screw on each side

The folding PU cover on the leg massage shelf is pasted using linking tape found on the cloth of the seat.

Shoulder massage and speaker’s installation

  • The wire from the upper side of the backrest should be connected with the wire from the speaker
  • The three joint pins in the shoulder massager and speaker are inserted to the three connecting tubes fitted on the backrest. Fasting is done using locking screws and then the slider is moved back.

Installation of the controller holder

  • A small cover on the left armrest is taken off.
  • The installation hole of the controller is aimed to the hole on the armrest, then it is fastened firmly using screws. The small cover is then placed back.

Installation of the of the back cushion and buffering cushion

  • A zipper is used to fix the back cushion and buffering cushion on the backrest.
  • The heater accessory is the installed on the back of the cushion.
  • The waist’s air tube and connector of the pillow are then connected.
  • The lower part of the cushion is finally connected with the seat cushion using a linking tape.

Seat cushion’s installation

  • The seat cushion is placed on the seat shelf. The air tube is then fixed.
  • The cloth on the seat cushion is connected with a linking tape.

Other accessories

  • The controller is connected to the power supply box.
  • The controller is placed on a tray
  • The power is connected and the switch put on. The controller is used to return the massage chair to its original position.

By following the above discussed tips, one is able to enjoy and gain a lot of benefits from the massage chair.

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