Mark Williamson, CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Mark Williamson

Growing up, I was always fascinated with human factors and comfort. I would categorize vehicles according to the comfort they provided, seats, how different postures had an effect on our health and much more. I became a complete enthusiast of machines in factories and buildings. As a high school student, I decided to become an ergonomics expert and decided to pursue a career in Human Factors and Ergonomics.

After my higher education, I worked for a surfeit of companies before becoming a full-on consultant and psychologist. While delivering my services, I noticed most clients would come to me with problems associated with ergonomics. I realized that most people were mostly involved in poor postures in their daily lives. If a person wasn’t driving their car to work, they were seated in an office. If they weren’t seated, they were sleeping. These are patterns that would later leave them suffering from various diseases both physically and mentally.

As such, I decided to embark on a journey to ensure this vice comes to a halt. I set up this company to provide ergonomic information and advice for clients and customers where we could give information on the best types of chairs to have for office purposes, spas, and every other type of chair.

We have seen numerous people getting duped into buying chairs that only last a few months and become dysfunctional or uncomfortable. They get duped into buying substandard quality chairs which may become detrimental to their health.

I am the Editor-in-Chief of and as such, I have made it my personal business to ensure every piece of information that we put here is true, honest, and match up to the product’s specifications. I personally test the chairs and conduct personal interviews with the providers of these chairs to ensure they meet my expectations. Every piece of content created by our writers goes through thorough edits and checks to ensure it gives accurate information with no sugarcoating.

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