Exercise Ball as a ChairHave you ever heard of an exercise ball? Have you ever used on in a gym? Even if your answers to these questions if yes, you have probably never known it could be used as a chair. Indeed, you could use an exercise ball as a desk chair and work. Exercise balls are filled with air but are very soft. You are going to experience some comfortable buoyancy while sitting on the exercise ball. Many people in liberal societies have started adopting the culture of sitting on exercise balls in their offices. The balls are usually colorful and look great in the office. There is quite a debate about the professionalism image of an office where people sit on an exercise ball, but it is being accepted as great in many progressive cities in the world.

We seek to ensure you have a great experience sitting at your work desk. We strive to bring you revolutionary office chair solutions. This is a comprehensive guide on how you can use the exercise ball as a chair. Exercise balls are known for various cardio, and muscle building exercises. Many people would not know how to use them as chairs. The guide below will outline some guidelines you should follow while sitting on an exercise ball.

How to Use an Exercise Ball as a Chair

Exercise balls are not only used as training equipment, they can also be used as office chairs. Below are some guidelines you should follow to ensure you sit comfortably on an office chair.

  • The exercise balls are of different sizes. You are going to need one that is ideal for your height and weight. The exercise ball should be able to accommodate your weight, you do not want it to burst while you are sitting on it. It needs to be of the right height too. You will not be able to sit on it if it is too high. You will be uncomfortable if it is too low. Get an exercise ball that is the same height as the chair you normally use.
  • You are going to need a strong and burst resistant ball. The ball you get should have an extra strong layer between the inside cavity and the environment.  You have to appreciate that, offices have sharp objects like scissors, staples and paper clips, that could easily burst the exercise balls if they are too soft.
  • Pump the ball to a maximum diameter. You also need to ensure that you do not pump it until it is too hard. The ball needs to flatten a bit on the spot where you sit on it, but you do not want to sink too far in it either.
  • Always sit upright with your legs in front of you, to ensure you remain stable. The stability of the ball is also enhanced by the slight flattening at the top where you sit, and at the bottom where it touches the ground.

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