best human touch massage chairNowadays, you do not have to pass by the massage parlor to after a long day at work to get a massage. You can purchase a massage chair, and let it massage you every evening. The massage chairs are quite improved and deliver impeccable massages, leaving you feeling fresh and invigorated. Many people have not started using the massage chairs though. Many of those buying them today, are buying them for the first time. They do not know how to use a massage. The massage chair is an electronic device, and it needs your control for it to work perfectly.

We seek to ensure you get the best experience when you finally decide to get yourself a massage chair. Your massage chair should serve you well when you dig deep into your pockets to purchase one. This is a comprehensive guide on how to use a massage chair. The guide will outline the operations and controls of a massage chair. All the massage chairs are not identical. The specifics of their controls may be a little different. The guidelines will provide you with the basics of using a massage chair.

How to use a massage chair

The massage chairs use electricity and need to be handled with care to avoid electric shock. Ensure the chair you get has all the necessary safety features.

  • You will first need to plug the massage chair into the mains, and power it up. Do not start it just yet.
  • Some massage chairs are able to recline to the zero-gravity position when you sit on them. These feel very comfortable. Get on the chair, and allow it to calm, if it is swinging.
  • The controls of the massage are always close to your arms. They are always placed on the armrests. Some massage chairs have a remote control. These are very convenient. You get to control them without rising from your massage chair.
  • Hit the start button of the massage chair. The chairs have rollers inside them, that tighten their grip on every part of your body, and then start a rolling and kneading action. You can control the tension of the roller, from the control panel, or remote. You can relax the tension if the seat starts feeling too tight and rough, or increase it if the massaging action does not feel effective.
  • Always ensure you are in a position that you can be able to get out of the chair is you lost control of it. All the roller on the seat works independently. It is prudent to concentrate on being massaged on one part before you move to the other.
  • The massage chair should be placed in an open space, with great air circulation. It should be a quiet room too. You need your massage to be as effective as possible. A big part of relaxing from a massage is being able to concentrate and channel all your inner energy into the massaging action. Massage chairs are here to stay and will be a hit in the next couple of years.

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