How to Sleep on a ChairAfter sitting while working at our desks for long hours, sometimes we cannot help but catch a nap on our office chairs. I know you are probably thinking, why sleep on an office chair? Some people work for really long hours. Sometimes they do not want to leave the office to catch a nap since the work is too much. They have to rest though. Catching some sleep on your office chair becomes inevitable. Ergonomic office chairs are designed differently. Some might allow you to comfortably catch a great nap, while others have no such allowance.

We seek to ensure you have the best experience with your ergonomic office chair. We want to ensure you can use the chair to enhance your productivity at work. Sleeping on an office chair is not a common thing, but it happens anyway. We want to ensure the sleep you catch is worthwhile if you decide to catch some on your office seat. When the body is fatigued, you cannot force it to continue working, you will have to take some rest. This is a comprehensive guide on how you can comfortably catch a nap on your office chair.

How to Sleep on an Office Chair

In order to sleep comfortably in an office chair, you have to achieve a great sleeping position. We will look at how you can adjust the ergonomic office chair to get in a great sleeping position.

  • Having an adjustable chair with all the basic features of an office chair will give you greater chances of setting it up in a great sleeping position. Easy recliner chairs with headrest and armrests are the best for sleeping on. You will also be lucky if your chair has enough room for your toss, turn and switch position.
  • Incline the seat to a sleeping position. Incline it to the lowest position possible. The seat will not go all the way down to be flat. That would not be good anyway. It will have a considerable arch, which is great.
  • Elevate your feet from the ground. There is no way you are going to have any peaceful sleep if your feet are on the ground. You can place your feet on your office table. Put a pillow under them to ensure they are cushioned. If you cannot elevate your legs, you will need to wear compression socks to prevent numbing and blood clots. It will still be very uncomfortable though.
  • You will need some covers to ensure you are warm if it is cold. You can never catch a peaceful nap when you are feeling cold. Pull some large blankets over yourself, if you have some and it is cold. Get a pillow for your head, if the headrest of the chair does not offer good support, or if you cannot reach it.
  • Lastly, you are going to need the room to be dim and quiet if you are hoping to catch a relaxing nap.

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