best gaming chairsGaming enthusiasts know the importance of having a great gaming chair. You need a good gaming chair if you will be sitting in for of your video game for long hours. A great gaming chair enhances your gaming experience too. It is part of the great gaming ambiance, just like everything else in the gaming room, or around the gaming area. The main essence of having a great gaming chair is to ensure you do not develop back pains, even after sitting for long hours playing video games.

We strive to ensure you get the best gaming chair 2020. We want you to have a blissful gaming experience. This is a comprehensive guide on how to adjust and sit on a gaming chair. You need to be able to set the chair is a comfortable position, to ensure you can concentrate on gaming. You don’t want to end up with back pains after enjoying a great gaming session either. Understanding how to set up your gaming chair will go a long way in ensuring you develop not back problems. Tag along and let’s teach you how to use your gaming chair.

How to adjust and how to sit in a Gaming Chair

You do not just slip into your gaming chair and start playing the games. You need to be seated comfortably in order to be able to concentrate on the gaming action.

  • First, use the lever under the seat to adjust the height of the chair, to ensure it coincides with your height. The height of the chair is very crucial to its comfort. The wrong height will have you feeling uncomfortable. You will feel as if you are stretching if the chair is too long. On the other hand, you will feel as if you are bending if the chair is too short.
  • Set the chairs to incline to be at right angles with the screen. You need to be facing the screen straight. You do not want to be bending forward, or bending your neck to look at the screen. Incline the seat such that it is at right angles with the screen. Modern gaming settings have the screen set up on a high position facing down. In such a case, the gaming chair is set in a sleeping position. You will get on the chair and sleep facing upwards. That way, you will be facing the screen perpendicularly.
  • You need to ensure you have ample support for your feet. If the chair is upright, your feet should be on the ground, with the knees slightly raised above the sea level. If the chair is set in an inclined position, you need the feet to be elevated. The more the incline on the seat, the more elevation you need on the feet.

You will need to have an adjustable gaming chair to achieve all these. You will have to adjust your gaming screens and other equipment if your gaming chair is not adjustable.

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