How to Sit at Work If You Have Back PainIt is extremely difficult to sit down when you have back pains. The spine is the support pillar for your whole body. It bends conveniently when you need to sit down. The pain can be excruciating if you try to sit down and you have back problems. In fact, sitting down for long hours can cause back pains. So, how do you sit on an office chair if you have back problems? You have to find the best sitting position to avoid making the problem worse.

We seek to ensure you are comfortable in your office chair. We strive to educate you on various aspects of your health as far as sitting on an office chair is concerned. This is a comprehensive guide about how you should sit down on an office chair if you suffer back pains. Sometimes you have to be at work regardless of how you are feeling. You might be forced to sit on that office chair even if you have back pains. As unfortunate as it sounds, you may not have a choice as desperate times call for desperate measures. Let’s explore how you can sit on the office chair without exerting too much pressure on your back.

How to Sit at Work If You Have Back Pain

The aim here is to ensure there is no pressure on your back, while you are sitting down. The following are some guidelines you can take into account to ensure you are seated right.

  • First, ensure the seat you are using has lumbar support. The aim is to ensure you are sitting upright. You will worsen the problem if you round your back. Ample lumbar support will help you maintain a straight posture, that ensure that the spine takes a natural position.
  • Set the keyboard on your desk right. Set the keyboard a bit high, such that your elbows are bent approximately 90 degrees and you aren’t slumping down your shoulder to reach the keys. The slump position bends your spine, which will ultimately worsen the problem.
  • Ensure your legs are on the ground while you are sitting, and your knees are slightly above your seating surface. This ensures your weight is being carried by your pelvic area that is on the seating surface, instead of your back.
  • Get up and walk around. Avoid sitting on the chair for hours and hours. Make a habit of rising from the chair and walking around after every few moments. This will help avoid the accumulation of pressure on your back.
  • Avoid anything that makes you bend your neck. You put pressure on your spine when you bend your neck. Look straight into your computer’s screen. Adjust the screen if it makes you bend your neck.

Seating on an office chair while you have back pains is not a good idea at all. It would be prudent that you seek medical help, and get back to the chair when you are in good health. You wouldn’t want to make a bad problem worse.

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