Exercise While Sitting at Your ComputerThere is nothing as tiring as sitting on a chair at your computer desk all day long. Many people with jobs that require them to sit at a computer all day long end up with back pains. You need to devise ways to ensure you relax after sitting for several hours at your computer. You do not want to damage your back. Regardless of how many exercises you engage in, if you have the wrong office chair, you will ultimately end up with back problems. Having the best ergonomic office chair is your first line of defense against back pains. Even if you have the best ergonomic office chair, you still need to take time and do some exercises to relieve the pressure on your body.

We seek to educate you on matters ergonomic office chairs and your health as far as sitting on these chairs is concerned. We strive to ensure you have an incredible experience when you purchase an ergonomic office chair. This is a comprehensive guide about the best ways to exercise while sitting at your computer. Anyone who has sat in an office chair in front of their computer for long hours knows does not have to wonder why you would need to exercise.

Best Ways to Exercise While Sitting at Your Computer

Regardless of how great your ergonomic office chair is, you will ultimately get tire sitting on it for long hours while looking straight at your computer. We have outlined some exercise below that you could undertake to help you feel a little bit better and enable you to continue working. Some of these exercises will go a long way in ensuring you do not develop back pains.

  • Jump Jacks – Jumps jacks is one of the exercises that can help you build endurance and concentrate more on your work. You keep your knees bent a bit and held together. Ensure you are sitting with a straight back. Raise your feet from the ground, but let the toes be touching the ground. Now open your legs, and extend the arms over your head simultaneously. Keep this movement at a fast pace for 30 reps. You can do this exercise with your legs only, if you need to continue typing, and may not be able to disengage your hands.
  • Getting in a Run – To conduct this exercise, stretch your legs and touch the ground with your toes. Ensure your arms are slightly bent or are resting on the keyboard with 90 degrees bend at the elbow. Lean back while engaging all your core muscles, until your shoulders graze the back of the chair. Lift your legs slightly and bend your left knee towards the chest. Align your right shoulder with your left knee. Keep quickly changing this routine from left to right for 30 reps. This exercise is great for your cardiovascular system and will improve your breathing and hence concentration. Even if you engage in all these exercises, you have to rise from your chair at some point and ensure you have overall relaxation.

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