Ergonomic chairs help us make a statement in our offices. They maintain the professional appearance of the office. Office chairs are designed to ensure you can sit in a comfortable working position. Sometimes we have to sit in an office chair for long hours. It can be tiring if the chair is not right. Office chairs need to be adjustable so that they can be used by different people. You may also need to adjust your chair from time to time depending on the kind of work you are doing. Do you know how to adjust your office chair?

We spend our time reviewing office chairs to try and help you get the best office chair. We also, want to ensure you have an incredible experience sitting in your office chair. This is a comprehensive guide on how to adjust an office chair. Office chairs can be adjusted in many ways. You can adjust the incline, the height, the armrests, the headrest, or the lumbar support. All these are parts of the office chair that are specifically designed to ensure you are comfortable throughout the day. We are going to look at why you may need to adjust them, and how you do it.

How to Adjust an Office Chair

Let’s look at the various parts of the office chair you may need to adjust from time to time.

  • Height

The height of the chair is the most common adjustment feature on an office chair. Many people will adjust the height of the chair multiple times during the day. You might need to adjust the chair so that you reach your desk well. The height might be adjusted for someone else, of a different height to use the chair.

Many chairs have a hydraulic adjustment system. They have a level under the seating surface that you pull up. If you need the chair to go down, you pull the lever while sitting on the chair. If you want it to go down, you pull the lever while rising from the chair.

  • Arm Rests

Not all chairs have adjustable armrests. Those that have can cater for people of different heights or can be used on different working tables. Many office chairs with adjustable armrests have a disengagement system. All you need to do is to disengage the armrest, pull it up, or push it down, then lock it back in.

  • Incline

Sometimes after working for long hours, you just need to lie back and relax. Some office chairs have the incline feature. You can push back the back of the chair to an incline position instead of sitting upright, and relax. Such chairs have a level under the armrests. You just have to use it to unlock the chairs back, push it back to your desired position, and lock it back in.

  • Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is very important in an office chair. It helps to hold your back in position. Lumbar support is different in different office chairs. You have to unscrew it to adjust it on some chair. It comes as a pad with straps that you can just unstrap and change its position, on other chairs.

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